6th Scientific Congress for Aligner Orthodontics

Aligner Orthodontics between Science and Practice

Dear Colleagues,

My original greeting was already at the publishers, now it's in the trash bin. But that's only a minor problem. A much bigger one was the decision as to whether the 6th Scientific Congress of the German Society for Aligner Orthodontics (DGAO) should again take place this year at the planned time and its familiar venue. The entire DGAO board of directors weighed up all the pros and cons in several lengthy telephone conferences. The result of the extensive discussions is now in your hands, because my greeting would not have been printed with these words had this congress been postponed.

So now it is taking place this year after all, just somewhat different. But not entirely different after all, because, as in the past, we provide you with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of numerous top experts in aligner therapy. The same goes for the trade exhibitors, who in turn will be there to present "the latest and the best" in aligner orthodontics. So, this year's Aligner Congress, despite the restrictions imposed, again fulfils all requirements to be an advanced continuing education "must".

This time the fun falls a little short, because for in the present situation we must forego an evening function and the welcome reception. But does this imply a ban on fun? No, because our German universal genius Goethe said: "Do you know wherein the fun of life lies? Be merry! – If you can't, be glad.“ In this spirit, let's celebrate our collegial reunion.

No question - we are currently facing difficulties we never expected. But life must continue with caution, dignity, and respect. This sounds a provocative, but as a German philosopher (Moritz Lazarus) formulated so wonderfully: "Defiance is the expression of mental independence." Here is to a successful congress despite C - oops - the C-word almost slipped out in the end.


20th - 21st November 2020 in Cologne/Germany

The 6th Scientific Congress for Aligner Orthodontics on 20th and 21st November 2020 at the Cologne Gürzenich will address the topic „Aligner Orthodontics between Science and Practice“. 

Be our guest and save the date: 20th - 21st November 2020 in Cologne/Germany.


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